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Welcome to SLVC Online Academy

SLVC Launch Schedule

  • Available Now

    Our Signature courses on Vocal Development, Confidence Buildling and Cultural Competency are all open for registration. Get started now.

  • Spring 2020

    Next to launch is our Signature course 'LEADING WITH YOUR VOICE'. Level up and hone your leadership skills and vocal confidence to build better teams!

  • Mid-Late 2021!

    We are scheduled to release more Signature Courses: 'YOUR VOICE IN PRESENTATIONS', 'ACCENT TRAINING' and THE 'GET HIRED IN TWO HOURS' Masterclass.

Strive for Success

At SLVC Online Academy, we are rooting for your success through holistic, generous and supported learning through our community from our coaches and learners from around the world.

  • All of our videos are short, digestible and offer a jam-packed series of learning and expert knowledge

  • Every course comes with its own full course book, complete with extra reading, materials and worksheets (Signature courses ~ 70 pages)

  • We offer course community groups + a FB Group Hub that you can join so that you can continue your learning outside of your courses!

  • We offer a holistic teaching style married with practical and actionable exercises for easy application

  • We celebrate diversity of culture and nations, which has been deeply considered in our content creation

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