What Our Clients Say

All Aimed at Helping You

by Neil B.

Nadege has a wide array of tools, tips, techniques and tricks that she deploys with great effect but all aimed at helping you, the client, achieve your goals.

Knowledge on the Subject was Excellent

by Gill F.

Nadege is a great communicator and engaged well with all attendees who thought her knowledge on the subject was excellent.

A Real PRO

by Artem S.

Nadege is amazing, a real PRO when it comes to coaching and helping expats! If you need someone to help you understand your and others' cultural preferences and bridge the gaps between them - in order to perform better in new environments.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • A message for you from Nadege!

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Module 1 - Introduction to Culture

    • Module Overview

    • Lesson 1 - What is Culture?

    • Lesson 2 - Challenges of Cultural Diversity

    • Quick Pre-Lesson Quiz!

    • Lesson 3 - How We Are Structured By Culture

    • Lesson 4 - The Neurobiology of Culture

    • Quick Quiz!

    • Post Module Checkpoint!

  • 3

    Module 2 - Our Communication Across Cultures

    • Module Overview

    • Quick Pre-Lesson Quiz!

    • Lesson 5 - How Culture Impacts Communication

    • Lesson 6 - Our Voice + Cultures

    • Quick Quiz!

    • Lesson 7 - Body Language + Cultures

    • Quick Quiz!

    • Lesson 8 - How Culture Affects Our Thinking

    • Post Module Checkpoint!

  • 4

    Module 3 - Our Behaviours Across Cultures

    • Module Overview

    • Lesson 9 - Seeing Time Differently Across Cultures

    • Quick Pre-Quiz!

    • Lesson 10 - Culture + Our Society

    • Lesson 11 - Boundaries + Identity + Purpose

    • Quick Quiz!

    • Lesson 12 - Culture + Power

    • Post Module Checkpoint!

  • 5

    Module 4 - Your Personal Practice

    • Module Overview

    • Lesson 13 - Cultural Diversity Explained

    • Lesson 14 - What's Your Cultural Awareness Like?

    • Lesson 16 - Action Planning

    • Quick Quiz!

    • Lesson 15 - Top Tips for Cultural Competency

    • Post Module Checkpoint!

    • Quick Quiz!

  • 6

    Congratulations on Your Completion!

    • Extra Resources

    • Just one last thing to UNLOCK YOUR BONUSES!

    • Get Your BONUS! 30 Day Challenge

    • Get Your BONUS! 15 Best Practice Tips


Become More Confident in Voice + Culture

Let's look at the cultures you are directly impacted by and how to acheive greater cultural adaptability skills to build better relationships!


Some extras to help you become confident with cultural diversity

  • Bonus 30 Day Exercise (£75)

    Included is a 30 DAY CHALLENGE for you to start putting it into your daily routine. To get the maximum benefit of improving your cultural confidence, it takes lots of diligent practice!

  • Extra Post-Course Videos (£150)

    We've created some special little videos on BEST PRACTICE TIPS for you to keep constantly improving on your vocal development journey. Make sure you keep up with it!

  • Join Our Community

    We have a lovely community group for you to join so that you, our coaches and others apart of SLVC Online Academy can be in touch and keep each other accountable to reach your goals!

Your Culture + Communication Coaches


Nadege Minois, PhD

Culture Consultant + Workshop Facilitator


Sylvie Lui, MFA FRSA

Founder of SLVC Voice Training in London & Online Academy

Hi there, we're delighted that you've made it here to check out 'Your Voice and Culture'

In this course, Nadege and I will teach you how to build your awareness around your culture(s) and craft your own toolkit for cultural competency and communications skills. You'll be working deep into understanding yourself and everything around you over the next 16 weeks with tons of practical techniques and exercises to improve your confidence and connections in all your intercultural relationships. Let's get started!


  • What does the course include?

    The course comes tons of video content with a jam packed 70 page course workbook to give you a lots of practical exercises to work through and build your vocal confidence! You'll also have access to our Community Groups as well.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    This is a 4 month long course with lessons that unlock weekly as you finish each lesson. It is suggested that you complete one lesson a week and bring your learnings into practice for the rest of the week before your next lesson. (PS. You can always use more time between the sessions to suit your own pace also!)

  • How much time do I need to allocate weekly?

    Each lesson includes a video that is generally between 15-20 minutes and an exercise for you to complete inside the workbook. It should take ~40 minutes weekly depending on how much time you spend on the exercise. Don't forget to apply these practical tips through your week too!

  • Do you have any course bundles?

    Yes we do! As we continue rolling out our courses following our business launch in Nov 2020, you'll be able to buy the pre-sale of course bundles and other individual courses as well.

  • I'd love to be able to get in touch with others who are completing this course...

    That's perfect! We have a fantastic Community Group for you to join via our platform where you can ask questions and get to know some tips that are helping others working through their course!

  • Don't see the question you want to ask?

    Send us an email at: hello@slvconlineacademy.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!