Sylvie Lui, MFA FRSA

Founder of SLVC Online Academy

Sylvie is an Executive Voice and Communications Coach. She is from Vancouver, Canada and based in London, UK. She has 8+ years experience in voice, accent and speech training and has consulted, facilitated and coached organisations and individuals globally. Sylvie specialises in vocal development and confidence with a diverse and inclusive, intercultural perspective for international audiences. She teaches in a holistic style that nurtures, yet challenges each of her clients’ area(s) for improvement. Sylvie holds degrees in Voice Studies, Speech Communication and is an appointed Fellow of the RSA.

Molly Parker

Associate Voice & Accent Coach

Bio coming soon!

Robin Sacks

Confidence & Communications Coach

Robin Sacks is a confidence and public speaking specialist based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Her experience spans 16 years across broadcast journalism with NBC/ABC network affiliates to her current international work as a coach, speaker, facilitator, author and motivator. Robin’s primary aim is to help people to work through layers of ourselves to master their confidence and to help people to stop over-thinking everything! Robin’s writing has been recognised for multiple awards and she completed her studies for broadcast journalism and a BA in History. She has further trained in positive psychology.

Nadege Minois, Ph.D

Cultural Competency Consultant

Nadege Minois is a culture expert from France and lives in Ceres, Scotland. She started her career as a biologist working in higher education and international research institutions in four different countries. Nadege has extensive experience in cultural diversity, where her knowledge and experience are interwoven into all aspects of her teaching and coaching to help people and organisations better understand and improve their performance. Nadege holds a Ph.D in Experimental Gerontology and degrees in Behavioural Biology, Cognitive Neurosciences and Biology of Organisms and Populations. She has further qualified as a trainer, coach and facilitator.

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